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Editors’ Letter: Our Coverage of Brands Has Never Been More Interesting, or Important

The original Brandweek magazine rolled into Adweek years ago, but the name has endured in many readers’ minds. Today it’s back, reimagined for 2018. Executives convening in Palm Springs, Calif., for our first Brandweek experience are receiving a special conference-edition magazine by the same name, full of insightful stories about the world of brand marketing.

As advertising journalists, we see time and again that the most enduring brands are the ones that constantly reinvent their products and operations while holding true to their DNA—those core values that drive employees to greatness and customers to lifelong loyalty. Brandweek came into the world as a magazine. It’s being reborn as an experience. But it has always been about storytelling. And we’ve got some fascinating stories for you, designed to inform and inspire four key parts of your business:

Robert Klara talks with the founders of Away about how they turned a boring clothing box into an Instagram-worthy status symbol. Here’s the ingenious strategy that helped them dismantle the luggage category and grow from four employees to nearly 200 in just two years.


What would happen, though, if we took ourselves out of the equation and let two executives crack open a beer and interview each other? We were worried, too! But the result is valuable peer-to-peer insights from Burger King’s Fernando Machado and Budweiser’s Marcel Marcondes in our CMO to CMO feature. (Sidenote: We’ve never seen two people have this much fun at a photo shoot.)

Startups get all the love these days, but we’re living through one of the most exciting times for brand reinvention. T.L. Stanley examines 10 comeback brands that clawed their way back into consumers’ hearts with grit, ingenuity and a little luck.


Old or new, successful retailers need a near-religious devotion to customer experience. Katie Richards takes you on a journey through Target’s store of the future; we dare you not to drop $100 on a cartful of things you don’t need.

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