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Facebook Adds New Tools to Help Small Businesses With Marketing

Though the past few years have seen Facebook at the center of many controversies, these issues have done little to stop people from using the social media platform. The resilience of Facebook means the platform remains invaluable for marketers and advertisers who are trying to reach their target audience. Smaller businesses are often at a disadvantage with social media marketing, as many of the tools on platforms are designed for larger accounts. Facebook plans to make the platform more accessible to small business owners by adding new tools.

Businesses of every size want to use Facebook to share relevant content with fans, to show advertisements to a target demographic, and to generate high-quality leads. Last week, in honor of National Small Business Week, Facebook announced it would be launching new user tools to help perform these functions.


In a blog post announcing the change, a Facebooks spokesperson wrote, “We know small business owners are strapped for time, which is why we’re committed to building tools that save you time and enable you to focus on the parts of your business you love. Today, we’re making it easier for you to manage and promote your business across our platforms through tools such as Automated Ads, appointments and new video editing tools.”

Creating advertisements on Facebook can be a time-consuming job if you want to get the most from your ads. Advertisers need to make new ad campaigns and create variations to find which combinations are the most effective. Facebook is rolling out an Automated Ads tool that will do much of the work for business owners.


When using Automated Ads, users will gain access to some useful features that can be used for ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the expanded Facebook Audience Network. Advertisers will be able to easily create up to six different versions of your ad automatically. To save time on target, Automated Ads will set audience options or recommendations based on the information from your page. Similarly, after telling Facebook Ads your campaign goal, the system will automatically adjust the budget to accomplish that goal. And though these processes are happening automatically, the users receive plenty of notifications about the campaign, so marketers know how well it’s performing.

Facebook is also making it easier for brands to manage their appointments through Facebook. This tool will be helpful for companies that generate leads and set appointments through Facebook. Appointment setters will have access to new features that will save time and produce better results. As a start, businesses will be able to customize a list of the services they offer and include their hours of availability for potential customers to see. Once someone has selected a time, the Facebook tool allows page owners to accept appointments online. There are even some integration perks. The tool makes it easier to sync appointments with a personal calendar or another appointment management tool.


Video content performs well on social media channels, and Facebook is updating its video tool to allow more editing options. Some of the new features include automatic cropping, video trimming, and overlays for the video that use image or text. These features may seem small, but making it easier to edit videos will make video marketing more accessible for small business owners and others.

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